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Clean Air Plant (CAP) Bio-Remediation

      The Clean Air Plant (CAP™) systems are a 100% biological air cleaning system and are stand alone bio-oxidizers. The patented system works by neutralizing small charged particles, drawing them into the machine where specially formulated bio-enzymes consume and destroy them. No filters needed. Biological Oxidation is a natural reaction where micro-organisms capture the energy in an organic substance (food source) and use it for the oxidation process. Biological oxidation takes place without a large increase in temperature or energy usage. The system captures and destroys Diesel fumes, Carbon Monoxide, Hair Salons Fumes, Mold, any type of air pollution.

      One of the exciting applications is for the chicken industry. The polluted environments can be controlled internally using this patented technology. The ambient air the chickens are breathing will be substantially cleaner of ammonia, particulate, bacteria, and any fugitive odors (such as diesel fumes from farm equipment). This solution is a win-win for chicken farmers because bird health is paramount for a healthy crop. Reducing ammonia in the environment produces happier & healthier birds which translate into the faster growth of larger poultry. Less ammonia inside also reduces the exhaust into the environment making for a more community friendly farm.

      Clean Air Plants are designed specifically for each application. The Clean Air Plants are designed to be installed at the source of contamination. In the CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) a series of dedicated CAP™ systems would be centrally located in the feeding areas as best case scenario. This would allow for capturing ammonia directly off the litter which has the highest concentrations. The patented process will neutralize charged particles of all sizes which are drawn to the unit to be consumed by specially designed Bio-Enzymes and destroyed. The process also substantially reduces airborne bacteria and spores which is constantly a health threat in the CAFO’s.

      CAP™ technology is proven to work inside facilities for any chemical odors and can be applied outside for use in multiple scenarios including waste transfer stations. Neighborhoods adjacent to these facilities have found relief from noxious odors. CAP™ technology is also used at printing facilities and ink manufacturers has achieved over 90% reduction of pure ammonia from their processes.

Please see our BioOxidation Fact Sheet on the right for more information.

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  • Save on energy by reducing current venting rates
  • CAPs are stand-alone, portable units, which can be placed anywhere in areas of high pollution.
  • CAPs can be used to surpass OSHA standards for air in the workplace.
  • CAPs employ natural biocatalysts that convert organic pollution like carbon monoxide, ozone, benzene, and other hydrocarbons to water and carbon dioxide.
  • Removes all airborne odors and harmful particles, such as particulates, chemical vapors, toxic gases, cigarette smoke, pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and other allergens..
  • Prevent animals from inhaling ammonia, making them healthier
  • Used in the workplace, CAPs lower health risks, increase comfort and productivity, reduce exposure to liability, and enhance good management practices. Leading to healthier and happier working environment for your employees

  • CAP Systems
    SystemCoverage (Ft2)   Pollution Removal (Lbs)      Dimensions         Electrical Usage
    CAP-85Up to 20001013” dia x 22” H30W
    CAP-90Up to 30001015” dia x 32” H40W
    CAP-600Up to 50006030” dia x 40” H175W
    CAP-2500/5000   Over 500050052” dia X 52”H500W

    Agricultural Facilities
    Small /medium industrial applications
    Machine Shops
    Welding Shops
    Construction Companies
    Truck Service Facilities
    Parks Departments
    Fire Departments
    County & State Garages
    Sheet-metal Shops
    Equipment Rental Stores
    Body Shops
    Equipment Manufacturers
    Auto Repair Facilities


    Application Setup

    Horse Stable Setup
    Poultry Farm Setup


    Chemical's Removed

    Click to see which chemical's CAP systems remove

    Winner of Technology Merit Award, the CAP is recognized by the Environmental Business Journal for innovative biological treatment of indoor air quality.


    · How CAPs Work

    · CAP-85 System

    · CAP-90 System

    · CAP-600 System

    · CAP-5000 System


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    (PDF, 268KB)

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    (PDF, 81KB)

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    (PDF, 455KB)

     width= Ammonia Emission Removal
    (PDF, 919KB)

     width= Ammonia Solutions for Chicken Industries
    (DOC, 24KB)

     width= Horse Stable Setup
    (PDF, 560KB)

     width= Poultry Farm Setup
    (PDF, 549KB)

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